Our 17 years experience in internet and mobile applications for a diversified portfolio of clients, combined with state of the art AI and user profiling tools gives us the ability to DEFINE & SOLVE effectively the RIGHT problems in the field of social, mobile applications and games. We are investing consistently in R&D and heavily developing applications on the following fields:

  1. Mobile video peer to peer com & augmented reality
  2. M2M applications
  3. Wearable computing
  4. User profiling 


User Profiling and Personalization Tools

HYPERTECH through extensive research effort over several years has developed an innovative and modular User Profiling and Personalization Toolset based on user explicit and implicit feedback (acquiring and translating user interaction through various interfaces). The HYPERTECH profiling engine consists of a modular SOA Architecture and more specifically a RESTful (Representational State Transfer) Web Service architecture providing a readily available set of interfaces that ensure easy integration and interoperability with third party systems. 

The HYPERTECH User Profiling and personalization engine has been developed and evolved within several national and international research projects where the toolset was trained and thoroughly tested and evaluated on several user domains. Appropriately configured and customized versions have been delivered within large scale projects for prominent governmental organizations (Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace, Region of Central Macedonia, Hellenic Organization of SMEs) as well as private organisations, with the aim of enhancing user experience and delivering proactive, personalized and multimodal services through alternative communication channels.