Every organisation tries to have a presence in social media and do whatever "required" in order to live the HYPE of social media and become really COOL & SOCIAL. Having a Twitter account or a Facebook page were proofs of being "social". In that context content and its visibility were subject to audience uptake of social media as a communication channel. There were many who either were not on a social media platform or did not use one on a regular basis. Before two years, Facebook’s surpassing of the one billion members mark and Google+ getting to near half that number in less than two years have vastly accelerated the impact of social media. But now we are entering a phase of social media maturity, where many things change and a new social media landscape emerges. The new landscape with its new imperatives can be called Social Media 2.0 and has some of the following characteristics:

  1. Its platform agnostic & platform loyalty is no longer prevalent, thus making it harder for marketeers who have built ideas around a specific platform.
  2. Its pervasive and bases on mobile connectivity , allowing its users to stay always on the loop
  3. Its filtered and users have become proficient at controling their relevant feeds and interactions

Having lived through the hype and bust of the first wave of social media, from the development of the first online communities and user blogs to Social Media 2.0 business endeavours, HYPERTECH has the experience and the business savvy to provide measurable social media solutions or its clients.