Interactive scroller

Interactive scroller

for EFSA


European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

About the client

The European Food Safety Authority is the agency of the European Union that acts as a source of scientific advice and communication on risks associated with the food chain.


Design and develop an interactive visualisation product for the QPS Process, accompanied by a dedicated FAQs section.

About the deliverable

The scope of this assignment was to create and develop a multilingual Interactive Scroller that could effectively educate interested parties about the QPS process in a self-explanatory and intuitive manner. To achieve this, our team conducted extensive research and collaborated closely with the Scientists, Project team, Design and Development team to gain insights into user needs and pain points. This product was a crucial part of EFSA's wider approach to providing clear and concise information to stakeholders and was the first product/site page to incorporate the new EFSA brand identity.

During the research phase, our team used various methodologies, including interviews and focus groups with scientists, as well as best practices and secondary research to gain insights into user pain points and ways to meet their needs and expectations. With the support of EFSA's governance, we formulated two key personas to guide product development.

The Interactive Scroller was designed with these personas in mind, utilising UX writing techniques and visual storytelling approaches providing an intuitive and engaging experience for users. Our team conducted formative usability testing at every stage of development, from wireframes to the final product, to ensure that the product met user needs and expectations.

Additionally, EFSA's design team evaluated the final product to assess the incorporation of the new brand identity. The product was thoroughly tested and evaluated by EFSA's development team to ensure a seamless integration into the EFSA website. Collaboration with the development teams of both parties was critical in the development of the Interactive Scroller, and feedback from stakeholders was incorporated to optimise performance and functionality.

The final product included visual elements depicting the certification process, available in multiple languages, enabling users from different regions to access information in their preferred language, and better understand the certification process, overcoming language barriers. The product was designed with the ability for the scientists to be able to update any part of the product, while maintaining performance and visual output of the UI elements and the overall user experience offered in the initial product.

In summary, the multilingual Interactive Scroller was developed to provide clear and concise information about the QPS process, improving user understanding. The product was available in multiple languages and reflected EFSA's new brand identity, demonstrating the company's commitment to improving user experience for its customers.

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