From idea and strategy to implementation, HYPERTECH helps visionary organisations step in to a new digital future and change the way they operate and interact with their stakeholders. With real and practical expertise, our consultants guide our clients to integrate digital technology to all areas of their business and change the way they operate and deliver value to their customers.Today’s competitive landscape is changing with increasing velocity, requiring companies and organizations to adapt. Changes arise both from emerging businesses that leverage new digital technologies and capabilities and enable innovative business models to disrupt traditional ways of satisfying customer needs by offering new products and services, as well as from changes in consumer behavior determined by the penetration of digital technologies into their daily lives.

Sustaining a business or organization within this context is not easy. The speed at which new challenges, technologies and competitors emerge requires existing businesses and organizations to transform to keep up with the changing environment in order to remain relevant, sustainable and profitable in their respective markets.
Designing, implementing, and monitoring an integrated digital transformation strategy can help a business or organization to take advantage of the opportunities created by drastic and disruptive changes and meet the challenges that accompany these changes.

How we can help you

HYPERTECH’s Digital Lab approaches the process of digital transformation in a holistic way. Through our inter-disciplinary teams of highly experienced domain experts, we provide digital strategy formulation and organizational planning for achieving the digital transformation of any organization or business, we take-up the actual implementation of selected technological innovations and integration to existing IT infrastructures, and we design and setup the feedback system that will allow any business or organization to monitor the impact of its digital transformation. The Digital Lab of HYPERTECH offers the following services:

  • Digital strategy: We help you design and implement your digital strategy using a tested and validated framework adapted on your particular needs and abilities.
  • Innovation management and integration: We inform you on the new technological innovations that can enhance your market position and improve the performance of your internal processes and we support you in integrating these innovations.
  • Business model creation: We help you redesign your business model to successfully meet the new requirements and demands of the digital age.
  • IT infrastructure: We can take over the implementation of all the necessary software and hardware systems that will support your digital strategy.
  • Data driven decision making: We support you with tools to analyse your data, extract the crucial KPIs in order to accurately monitor the impact of your digital transformation strategy and base your decisions on hard data instead of intuition.


Our Services

HYPERTECH’s Digital Lab offers the following services:

  • Digital Transformation Strategy Design. We help you to design an appropriate digital transformation strategy tailored to the needs and challenges of your business. Our team of consultants and domain experts guide you in evaluating your current digital or non-digital offerings, provide insights into where your industry is headed (what emerging threats, what opportunities and technological innovations are affecting or are expected to significantly affect your industry ), help you formulate a digital strategy on the basis of introducing innovative technologies to transform the way you reach your customers, leverage data, assist you to redefine the services you provide including identifying new ones and to optimize your internal processes towards achieving a successful digital transformation of your business, and activating new business models that will enhance your market position. Our holistic approach leads to the development of a complete digital transformation plan with specific targeting, cost-effective actions, and measurable results that will enable your business to achieve the expected transformation within the required timeframe guaranteeing that your personnel is fully supported throughout the process of the transformation.
  • Digital Transformation Execution and Impact Monitoring. In order to integrate the required technological innovations for optimizing your processes and also to create new digital services and products as part of your digital transformation strategy, we provide full technical support with prototype development, software development and software integration services, as well as setup of off-the-shelf software solutions as required. Also, we provide you with advanced data processing, analytics and visualization tools and technologies that enable you to continuously measure and improve the impact of your digital strategy based on well-justified KPIs.