HYPERTECH enterprise IT unit's mission is to help organizations and enterprises embrace & exploit digital technology at its full potential, uncover the hidden value of their data and optimize their processes. Our Enterprise Solutions Unit focuses on the following main topics:

  • Data Analytics and Visualisation Solutions – we help organizations to deploy effective data management strategies and interactive visualization techniques to integrate, unify and standardize large, complex data sets coming from different sources, to enable decision makers to identify and visually explore trends, patterns and key relationships in the data they are working with, leading to smarter, data-driven business or policy decisions.
  • Knowledge and Content Management Solutions – From Strategies & processes to methods, tools & technologies, we help organizations to identify, capture, manage, store, publish, preserve & deliver to the appropriate stakeholders content in various modals & channels. Our fully customized tools allow managing content through its total lifecycle, from creation to review, storage dissemination & destruction. Our final target is to extract value from organization’s tacit & explicit knowledge & content by optimizing processes & resources.