Digital Asset Management (DAM) refers to the strategy & management tasks needed for ingestion, cataloguing, annotation, storage, retrieval and distribution of digital assets in various formats like text, images video, audio, e-books and other.

HYPERTECH has early realised the importance of efficient management of digitized archival archival, historical and cultural content for the survival and propagation of its historical value. Hence, HYPERTECH answers to this demand by providing integrated solutions for the rescue, organisation, preservation and promotion of archival, historical and cultural heritage, including:

  • Digitisation, cataloguing and scientific documentation services
  • Digital asset storage and retrieval
  • Linked open data management
  • Advanced application services for the promotion and dissemination of collections and archives

HYPERTECH’s solutions apply to:

  • Museums and cultural institutions
  • Owners of historical and audiovisual archives
  • Public and private libraries
  • Publishers and media groups
  • Public and private organisations

HYPERTECH provides choices for easy access and content retrieval in large-scale collections, while offering a set of added-value services, such as:

  • Support of international standards for terms and thesauri (ISO 25964, SKOS).
  • Compatibility with recognized international standards for metadata handling (Dublin Core, CIDOC-CRM, CDWA, EDM, Marc 21).
  • Digital watermarking support, to identify copyright ownership and protect the value of digital collections.

HYPERTECH is able to propose the optimal solution from a range of open source systems and commercial software that would best fit to the needs of each individual case and client. This usually includes Integrated Library Systems (Koha, Ex Libris Alma, Evergreen, Virtua etc.), Digital Asset Management software (DSpace, ResourceSpace, Extensis Portfolio etc.) as well as efficient ways to integrate complicated and heterogeneous environments to enable easy access, management and retrieval of digital content (VuFind etc.). 

In cases where none of these referred popular solutions could cover expressed requirements and/ or when special customizations are expected, HYPERTECH is also able to provide custom-built software and fulfil the client expectations. HyperAsset, a DAM software provided by HYPERTECH, lies in the core of such a solution. HyperAsset allows for the effective management of scientific documentation of collections and archives and its corresponding digitised content.

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The provision of this robust infrastructure for the effective management of digital collections and archives, enables HYPERTECH to deliver a plethora of applications and services for the promotion and dissemination of archives, cultural and historical heritage, such as:

  • Web portals
  • Mobile applications serving as indoor or outdoor multimedia guides
  • 3D animation applications for stereoscopic screenings
  • Virtual tours and serious games
  • Interactive digital signage with touch screen displays

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Indicative recent and ongoing successful cases include, among others, the following:



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For every organisation seeking for efficient ways to preserve and promote cultural collections and historical archives, HYPERTECH’s integrated solutions is the ideal and tested choice .