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Meet the


Behind it all there stand our people, 40+ brilliant minds in digital transformation, innovation and communication. Together, we inspire, spread positivity and touch people’s lives. As a team, we give you one promise and one promise only. We always deliver! And dare we say…overdeliver!

Meet the team

We are

  • Strategists

  • Business analysts

  • Policy advisors

  • Quality Assurance specialists

  • Researchers

  • Information and data architects

  • Data scientists

  • IT specialists

  • Front/back-end developers

  • Communication experts

  • Digital marketing specialists

  • Copywriters

  • UX/UI designers

  • Graphic designers

  • Videographers

  • Electrical engineers

  • Environmental engineers

  • Financial analysts

  • Computational finance engineers

  • Traders

  • And many more...

Our Units

Dx UnitEnergy Labsa-quant

The 10 values we live and work by

Our values
  • 01


    Innovation runs in our veins and lives in the company’s DNA.

  • 02


    For us it’s a fact. Creativity is limitless.

  • 03


    We speak with our actions, not words, and build long lasting relationships.

  • 04


    Nothing is off-limits. The future is built by people who dare to try what others won't.

  • 05


    We share it all. Thoughts, ideas, practices, tools, strategies. Nothing to hide.

  • 06


    We come in many faces, backgrounds and cities. But when it comes to work, we act as ONE.

  • 07


    No matter where we are and what we do, we are there for you every step of the way.

  • 08


    We master the art of asking the right questions, evaluating, planning, and delivering impactful solutions.

  • 09


    At the end of the day what we do best is deliver, and dare we say, overdeliver.

  • 10


    When we start, there is nothing to stop us. We re-adjust, overcome and as always, deliver.

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