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For over two decades now, we have been thriving in this digital world, supporting EU public organisations, cultural institutions, and private businesses with their needs. Some call it luck, but we know it’s all passion and hard work that made us achieve 400+ successful collaborations and deliver 500+ impactful projects. Take a look at just a few recent examples of our projects.


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Strategic product launch for the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

No matter if it’s digital or more of a tangible one, launching a product is a strategic process that can make or break it for your business or your client. Truth be told, for years now marketers have figured out the specific steps to be taken to successfully build a <b>product launch</b>. The reality though is not that straightforward like going from A to Z. The key is all about <b>building anticipation</b>, something that we successfully tested with the Archaeological Museum’s brand-new app.

Innovative Digital Ecosystem for MOMus

In today's digital world, the way we experience art and culture is constantly evolving. Foreseeing this need and by wanting to stay ahead of the curve, MOMus required a unified digital ecosystem that not only would enhance the end user/visitor experience but also streamline their internal operations

Interactive visualisations redesign for EFSA

We are excited to announce that we completed the re-design and development of three cutting-edge interactive data visualisation products, tailored to accompany EFSA’s annual scientific report publications. Key Improvements and Features:

Interactive scroller for EFSA

The scope of this assignment was to create and develop a multilingual Interactive Scroller that could effectively educate interested parties about the QPS process in a self-explanatory and intuitive manner. To achieve this, our team conducted extensive research and collaborated closely with the Scientists, Project team, Design and Development team to gain insights into user needs and pain points. This product was a crucial part of EFSA's wider approach to providing clear and concise information to stakeholders and was the first product/site page to incorporate the new EFSA brand identity.

Website and Progressive Web Application for EFSA

Hypertech was tasked to provide with an intricate and hybrid platform that could cover the needs of the ONE 2022 Conference. The platform needed to provide to participants – speakers and audience alike – the ability to feel included irrespective of their location or device capabilities.

Data visualisation product for EFSA

To accompany the annual publication of the European Union Report on pesticide residues, Hypertech designed and developed an interactive data visualisation product that supported the annual report by depicting its results in an appealing and user-friendly manner, to supply users with multiple angles of exploring the output of scientific research.

Consulting for the website redesign for BBI JU

Hypertech was assigned the project "Assistance with the preparation for the launch of a new website" from the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) in March 2021.

Storytelling infographic for ERA

The general objective was the planning, design, and delivery of a one-page scrollable infographic, communicating the Agency’s work programme that was approved by the Agency’s Management Board and published on its website.

Data Visualisation for EFSA

The scope of this assignment was to present the data of 'Foodborne outbreaks 2019' report digitally by showing four different dashboards for users to explore. Based on interviews with scientists, we identified the data, the audience, and their needs, designed the mock-ups and the final product based on EFSA brand identity, and developed custom charts using JavaScript libraries on Power BI.

UX and WEB application design for CTBTO

It’s the provision of specialized recommendations, ideas, tools, and know-how regarding best practices and technologies used in web design. After examining needs and pain points, the target audience was segmented into two distinct user groups, consisting of the Commissions’ Operations Centre officers and visitors respectively.

Virtual 3D Representation for Hagia Sophia

It’s an implementation of the scenarios and 3D models of Hagia Sophia monument in Istanbul (Constantinople), as it was in the period of 11th to 12th century. It includes the development of a virtual world, the creation of 200 detailed 3D models, development and integration of audio and visual effects, and installation to the "Tholos" dome-shaped Virtual Reality "Theatre". The shows are interactive -not static- and controlled by the spectator, offering a unique experience of immersion into the virtual world.

Mobile app for a-quant

It’s a mobile finance application, for iOS and Android devices, which traders of all levels use for receiving trading signals in FX market, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The app is generated by a collection of state-of-the-art machine learning / Artificial Intelligence (AI) prediction algorithms, analysing complex markets and correlated moves of various assets, which even the most experienced traders are impossible to notice. Its signals use price action and correlations between various assets to maximise its success rate and the app already counts more than 100.000 total downloads and around 10.000 active users.

Risk Assessment for DG ENER

The study delivers a consistent and comprehensive risk assessment methodology for the EU-27 Member State countries, accompanied by analytical Excel-based visualisation tools, for the identification, analysis and assessment of potential risks to EU’s security of energy supply up to year 2050. The aim is to enhance DG ENER's understanding of potential risks that lie ahead for the energy system in the context of increasing energy system integration, climate change and clean energy transition.

Digital Toolbox for DG INEA

ACCEPT provides compound Demand Response services to its members and optimises the aggregated district-level flexibility. The project investigates the demand flexibility potential in the frame of energy communities. An innovative framework will be created and validated in 4 pilot sites (Spain, Greece, Switzerland, and Netherlands) around demand response and aggregated flexibility optimisation from diverse distributed generation-demand-storage assets.

Website redesign and maintenance for ESPON

HYPERTECH redesigned the ESPON website, redefining its information architecture and providing a modern and interactive user experience to disseminate European territorial evidence resulting from the ESPON activities more efficiently. Currently, under a three-year framework contract (2019-2022), Hypertech hosts and maintains the ESPON website, the e-Tendering Platform, and all the existing and new ESPON web applications and tools as well as provide support regarding website related issues and development of new functionalities and applications.

Digital library design for IEP

It’s a public digital library that provides open access to historical school textbooks used in the Greek educational process from the 19th century till the early 1980s. It offers a responsive web layout and native mobile apps (Android and iOS) for personalised navigation and advanced search facilities in approximately 6.000 school textbooks. The library also offers serious games for students of primary and secondary education, guidelines, and proposed activities for school teachers to optimally utilise the digitised collection inside the class.

Technical consultancy and digital transformation for MoEC

It’s assistance to the Ministry throughout the process of designing its new online system, which will be connecting all its schools, offices, departments, and supporting services across the country. Its scope ranges from the initial formulation of the strategic vision to the definition of business analysis requirements and technical specifications of the new system, as well as technical monitoring during the implementation phase.

Local Energy Management Framework for DG INEA

MERLON develops an optimization platform that integrates a wide range of flexible resources in the frame of a local energy community and transforms it into a local energy island that is interconnected to the electrical grid but can be energy-neutral at the same time. The integrated local energy management system supports distribution grid management and provision of balancing and ancillary services to the upstream network.

Data Visualisation for ESPON

It’s a practical and interactive portal to observe the development trends taking place in Europe, its macro-regions (Adriatic-Ionian, Alpine, Baltic Sea, Danube), regions, and cities. The goal was to provide policymakers and other stakeholders with territorial information, analytical features, and short reports, and ensure an interactive UX via a collection of dashboards and online maps for the visualisation of different types of data.

Technical consultancy and Capacity building for MoMA

It’s a study that maps the existing IMS of seven Ministry’s directorates, in terms of interconnectivity and automation of business processes, and interoperability requirements with third systems. The goal was to provide a GAP analysis of all systems functionality and possible technical recommendations as well as the creation of a manual with recommendations and step-by-step guidance on how to plan, prepare and carry out procurement repetitive purchasing systems, and manage the execution of the respective contracts.

Digital Toolbox for DG RTD

COGITO is using methods to ensure interoperability among the different components and technologies constituting the digital twin ecosystem, following the lean construction principles. The project aims to establish a Digital Construction 4.0 toolbox that integrates: reality capture technology to collect data capturing the actual state of operations from construction sites; Building Information Models initially containing design and planning information and subsequently augmented with as-built data, and innovative integrated data management and software solutions to optimise the site operations.

Cataloguing Tool Study for OP

It’s assistance to the Ministry throughout the process of designing its new online system, which will be connecting all its schools, offices, departments, and supporting services across the country. Its scope ranges from the initial formulation of the strategic vision to the definition of business analysis requirements and technical specifications of the new system, as well as technical monitoring during the implementation phase.

Web-based investment portfolio for Media2Day

Media2Day as part of an R&D project contract awarded by the Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology to develop a next-generation web-based investment portfolio monitoring and management system (named ASPENDYS) has commissioned HYPERTECH to deliver: the user and business requirements related to the envisioned pilot demonstrator of the system, the overall ASPENDYS system architecture design and its integration plan, the software module implementing machine learning-based algorithms for generating investment signals, and the implementation of the related demonstrator.

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