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For us, it’s not about the products, nor the services. All is about experiences! From EU public organisations, to cultural institutions, and private businesses, we embrace your mission and vision and deliver impactful solutions.

Data visualisation product

Data visualisation product

for EFSA

To accompany the annual publication of the European Union Report on pesticide residues, Hypertech designed and developed an interactive data visualisation product that supported the annual report by depicting its results in an appealing and user-friendly manner, to supply users with multiple angles of exploring the output of scientific research.To begin with, our company liaised with the scientific team responsible for writing and publishing the report as well as the different stakeholders involved in the development of the product, to catalogue the needs associated with the online publication and gain a better understanding of the dataset and the domain it covers.Our team was able to explore the underlying dataset using Python Jupyter Notebooks and formulate visualisation proposals that highlight the relationship of different variables, taking into consideration the intricacies of the domain and the sensitivity of information (regional and national data availability, existing legal and regulatory frameworks, etc.).As a result, a cohesive information architecture and design proposal was presented and endorsed by the direct beneficiary and Member States' stakeholder groups, which allows users with different domain knowledge, interests, and goals regarding the publication itself (media, citizens, EU staff, Member State officials, etc.) to make the most of the available information.At the same time, Hypertech aimed to offer a maintainable solution for EFSA; that is, the product’s dataset should be able to be updated annually without hampering the performance and visual output of charts, plots, and various UI elements and the overall user experience offered in the initial product. To achieve the above-mentioned goal, the technical stack used for the development was: html<ul><li><b>React JS:</b> to build a component-based web application, both at the controller and the presentation level that could be easily maintained and scaled in future developments.</li><li><b>AntV</b> (<a class='project-link' href='' target='_blank'></a>) to have an ecosystem of data visualization JavaScript libraries, that include a design system approach from which EFSA could benefit in the long term.</li></ul>

Consulting for the website redesign

Consulting for the website redesign

for BBI JU

Hypertech was assigned the project "Assistance with the preparation for the launch of a new website" from the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) in March 2021.The successor of the BBI JU, the European Partnership for Circular Bio-based Europe (CBE), was aiming to launch a new website that will continue to channel the missions and objectives already established by BBI JU, that is protecting biodiversity, promoting a low-carbon economy, and encouraging economic growth by structuring and strengthening the circular bio-based industries sector. The project lasted five months and Hypertech’s role was to provide assistance, guidance, and advice to the organisation during all the stages of the project, segmented in the following tasks:<b>Task 1: Analysis of current website users</b><br>A full and detailed analysis was conducted, to evaluate the current situation and propose the next steps for optimization. The methodology included interviews with the members of the organisation through which Hypertech extracted the business priorities & objectives and identified the enablers and possible difficulties. The next step of the process was to find best practices for the industry and select the most relevant KPIs for the analysis of the current situation. The last step was to analyse the selected KPIs, compare them with the competition, and conclude with specific actions to formulate the proposal.<b>Task 2: Definition of target audiences for the new website</b><br>To meet user needs for an optimal user experience (UX) of the project in scope, Hypertech identified the exact target audience, through interview sessions with stakeholders and current users. In this direction, the main factors defined and decided included the main user goals and the ease of use, the final targeted audience or users, detailed characteristics of end-users, key industry-standard trends or techniques in similar projects. Hypertech’s team aimed to validate the suggested target audience and ensure that all potential users and stakeholders are adequately represented, and thus their needs and goals were taken into consideration at the new website development.<b>Task 3: Formulation of recommendations on the website content, structure, and navigation</b><br>Hypertech is providing a complete solution with a specific structure, content, and navigation tailored to users’ needs and goals and a cross-platform compatible, accessible, and search engine optimized website. Subtasks of this activity include the new information architecture with the creation of the new sitemap, formulation of the editorial styles and guidelines in regards to the tone of voice and wordings, and the high-fidelity mockups of the proposed solution. Specifically, Hypertech provided detailed design recommendations, that offer a systematic approach to color usage, specific UI elements, and interactions that adhere to brand guidelines in the form of high-fidelity mock-ups of all the webpages templates, such as homepage, list pages, login, contact forms, rich content pages, category pages, menus, and additional navigation items.<b>Task 4: Formulation of accessibility guidelines for the new website</b><br>Accessibility defines a user’s ability to use the website or web service, so the design phase should take into account users with all different disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, neurological, social, cultural, or conceptual. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 define how web content can be made accessible to people with disabilities. Hypertech provided all accessibility principles and recommendations for the Web accessibility of the new website that was developed.<b>Task 5: Formulation of recommendations on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)</b><br>Hypertech identifies three dimensions of optimizing a website for search engines: content, technical, and onsite, and through this task provided recommendations of optimizing the website for search engines pre-and post-launch with mandatory and optional audits.

Storytelling infographic

Storytelling infographic

for ERA

The general objective was the planning, design, and delivery of a one-page scrollable infographic, communicating the Agency’s work programme that was approved by the Agency’s Management Board and published on its website.The general objective was to increase the Agency’s presence in Europe, by informing the EU citizens and the stakeholders about the Agency’s mission, objectives, and activities in a simple, direct, and transparent way.Based on the Single Programming Document published by ERA, Hypertech conducted a UX analysis to identify the target audience and create the key messages. Information architecture was built based on a storytelling narrative. The story was based on ERA’s mission and how this would be accomplished by completing the approved activities. Each activity was described concerning all of its objectives, the required budget, and resources. To reach the purpose of the key message the data visualisations were:<ul>Hierarchical – Charting part-to-whole relationships and hierarchies</li>Relational – Graphing relationships to explore correlations and connections</li>Temporal – Showing trends and activities over timeFollowing a User-Centered Design approach, a prototype was created to depict the structure and all elements that would be included in the final storytelling product. After a set of testing and iterations, the visual design was formed with illustrations, and colours were added. Taking into account accessibility guidelines, the colour scheme was consistent with the agency’s brand identity and the colours used on its website, where the infographic would be hosted.Considering the data shared by ERA and the way this information would be explained most optimally visually, suitable charts and graphs were picked. After a couple of iterations and feedback incorporations, the final visual was completed in a static version. Then, interactions and animations were added to support the storytelling and bring a playful touch to the final product.In regards to technologies, the website was based on Drupal 7, and thus the infographic needed to be compliant with all relevant restrictions and, simultaneously, utilise Drupal’s capabilities. The website’s front-end was built upon Bootstrap, a popular CSS framework, which provides a specific responsive layout. Hypertech obliged the rules of this grid and provided the end product in alignment with the environment in which it would be injected.

Mobile app

Mobile app

for a-quant

It’s a mobile finance application, for iOS and Android devices, which traders of all levels use for receiving trading signals in FX market, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The app is generated by a collection of state-of-the-art machine learning / Artificial Intelligence (AI) prediction algorithms, analysing complex markets and correlated moves of various assets, which even the most experienced traders are impossible to notice. Its signals use price action and correlations between various assets to maximise its success rate and the app already counts more than 100.000 total downloads and around 10.000 active users.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment


The study delivers a consistent and comprehensive risk assessment methodology for the EU-27 Member State countries, accompanied by analytical Excel-based visualisation tools, for the identification, analysis and assessment of potential risks to EU’s security of energy supply up to year 2050. The aim is to enhance DG ENER's understanding of potential risks that lie ahead for the energy system in the context of increasing energy system integration, climate change and clean energy transition.


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We really enjoyed working with Hypertech. They proved to be creative, responsive, flexible and very professional, even under very high time pressure. We are very proud to host the content produced by Hypertech on our website.

Cyriel Martin

Cyriel Martin

Project Officer, European Union Agency for Railways

We had an excellent collaboration with the highly professional and committed Hypertech team who delivered high-quality user study and recommendations for our future website.

Elina Zicmane

Elina Zicmane

Communication Officer, Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking

We developed a great cooperation with Hypertech since 2016 when they helped us to redesign our website. Their dedication, attention to detail and creative approach played a big part in improving our online presence.

Piera Petruzzi

Piera Petruzzi

Senior Project Expert, European Outreach, ESPON EGTC

It is a pleasure working with Hypertech, both from an implementation and business development point of view. Hypertech are highly committed, flexible and not afraid of going the extra mile.

Guy Vaerman

Guy Vaerman

General Manager, European Service Network


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