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HYPERTECH's Innovation Journey in the 5G-IANA Project: Pioneering Automotive Services

HYPERTECH's Innovation Journey in the 5G-IANA Project: Pioneering Automotive Services

At HYPERTECH, we're excited to be at the forefront of the 5G-IANA project, an ambitious initiative supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. This project represents a significant step in the ICT-41-2020 initiative, aiming to leverage 5G technologies to revolutionize automotive services.

Project Overview

The 5G-IANA project, part of the 5G Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership (5G PPP), focuses on creating innovative solutions for the automotive sector through 5G technologies. Comprising 16 partners from 8 EU countries, our project aims to provide an open and advanced experimentation platform that enhances access to 5G network resources. This platform is designed to empower SMEs in the automotive sector, facilitating the development, deployment, and testing of innovative services.


HYPERTECH's Role and Innovations

Within the 5G-IANA project, HYPERTECH is leading several critical components. Our contributions include the development of the project's Network Application Toolkit, which offers a suite of tools for 5G innovation experimenters. This toolkit incorporates contributions from all consortium partners, enhancing collaborative innovation.

One of our standout initiatives within the project is the development and demonstration of the Virtual Bus Tour (VBT) service chain. This infotainment service utilizes 5G capabilities to offer an immersive virtual tourism experience, redefining guided tours with high-resolution 360° video streaming that optimally manages bandwidth, memory, and power consumption.

Key Milestones and Future Outlook

Recent months have been eventful, with notable achievements including:
•    The successful showcase of our 360° linear live streaming technology at a project review meeting held at NOKIA’s premises in Ulm.
•    Our active participation in the 5GMediaHUB Hackathon, where we further developed the Virtual Bus Tour components.
Looking ahead, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the automotive and infotainment sectors through 5G technologies.

Engage and Learn More

We are thrilled about the possibilities that the 5G-IANA project opens up, not just for HYPERTECH but for the entire automotive sector. For a closer look at our work and the Virtual Bus Tour, you can watch our detailed demonstration. 

For more information about the project and other updates, please visit the 5G-IANA website.

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