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HYPERTECH Energy Labs have been awarded a new R&D contract from the European Commission (Project: TIGON: Towards Intelligent DC-based hybrid Grids Optimizing the network performance). It focuses on the deployment and integration of intelligent DC-based grid architectures within the current energy system while providing ancillary services to the main network. To do so, TIGON proposes a four-level approach aiming at improving 1) Reliability, 2) Resilience 3) Performance, and 4) Cost Efficiency of hybrid grids through the development of an innovative portfolio of power electronic solutions and software systems and tools focused on the efficient monitoring, control and management of DC grids. These solutions will be demonstrated in two main Demo-Sites located in France and Spain, while additional use cases in the residential and urban railway sectors will act as niche markets for analysing and further solidifying the replication of TIGON developments after the project’s end. TIGON has involved for this purpose a multidisciplinary team of 15 partners from 8 different European Member States with a well-balanced consortium integrated by 7 non-profit entities and 7 companies. This partnership provides the required expertise from fields such as power electronics, cybersecurity, standardisation, etc. to design the solutions proposed within TIGON as well as the industrial capabilities required for the manufacturing, integration and validation of the whole TIGON concept.

HYPERTECH Energy Labs is leading the activities related to the replication potential of the project. Moreover, along the whole project execution HYPERTECH Energy Labs works on providing a data quality plan and homogenising the collected information for its detailed evaluation and comparison.

TIGON is a project co-funded by the European Commission under the H2020 Programme/ Topic: LC-SC3-ES-10-2020 - DC – AC/DC hybrid grid for a modular, resilient and high RES share grid development. The project has officially been launched on September 1st 2020, its duration is 48 months and it has a total budget of €7.9M.

Main innovations within TIGON project will include smart transformers, innovative DC/DC converter topologies, PE for MVDC connection and DC protection systems. These developments will be supported by an adequate framework composed by modelling, simulation, control, optimization of generation and loads and security analysis activities. Only in this way will be TIGON able to demonstrate a comprehensive solution for DC-based hybrid grids that generates confidence on the market and lays down the foundations for their replication throughout the EU.

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