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Digitizing Cultural Heritage: The REEVALUATE Project's Vision and Hypertech's Role

Digitizing Cultural Heritage: The REEVALUATE Project's Vision and Hypertech's Role

In an era where digital technology meets cultural preservation, the REEVALUATE project emerges as a beacon of innovation for the Cultural Heritage (CH) sector. This project aims to transform the way Galleries, Libraries, Museums, and Archives (GLAMs) approach the digitization of their collections, making them more accessible while maintaining the integrity and sensitivity these artifacts command.

Project Insight

The REEVALUATE Horizon Europe project introduces a framework that promises a secure, open, collaborative, and inclusive approach to digitizing CH assets. Designed to address the unique challenges of the CH sector—including intellectual property rights, cultural sensitivity, and the technical hurdles of digital transformation—this framework advocates for a participatory method. It involves CH institutions, experts, and various community stakeholders to ensure that the digitization process respects both cultural and legal frameworks, facilitating wider accessibility and engagement. The project will last 3 years and has a budget of € 3.9 million.

Hypertech's Strategic Involvement

At the forefront of communication strategy and technology transfer, Hypertech SA plays a pivotal role within the REEVALUATE project. As the leader of the Work Package (WP) dedicated to Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation, Hypertech's mission is to amplify the project's achievements. This involves orchestrating all related activities—from spearheading promotional campaigns across digital platforms and media, engaging with the scientific and industry communities, to fostering collaborations that enhance the project’s reach and impact.

Further, Hypertech is instrumental in linking REEVALUATE with other EU-funded projects. By mapping existing initiatives and establishing a network of expertise, Hypertech not only strengthens the project's framework but also builds a sustainable ecosystem for the digital management of cultural heritage. This strategic alignment underscores Hypertech’s commitment to enhancing the cultural sector's digital transformation, ensuring that the treasures of the past are preserved, understood, and appreciated in the digital age.

Consortium and Collaborative Efforts

The REEVALUATE project is supported by a robust consortium of 16 partners from 7 European countries, reflecting a diverse tapestry of stakeholders from the CH, gaming, fashion, advertising, and tourism sectors. This collaborative effort is crucial for the cross-sectoral application of the project's outcomes, aiming to demonstrate the framework's effectiveness across various industries.

Looking Forward

As we advance, the REEVALUATE project continues to set new standards for how cultural heritage is preserved, accessed, and enjoyed. With Hypertech at the helm of strategic dissemination, we are poised to redefine cultural engagement through digital innovation.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here belong to the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union or its funding agencies.


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