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Interactive e-learning courses for KANEP-GSEE by HYPERTECH e-learning team

Interactive e-learning courses for KANEP-GSEE by HYPERTECH e-learning team

HYPERTECH has finished the development of 21 e-learning courses delivered for KANEP-GSEE. The courses development included innovative features like the production of forty two (42) tree minutes interactive videos with Articulate Storyline and two (2) thirty minutes interactive support videos for the use of e-Learning platform by learners and instructors.

The courses address the following topics:

  • Discrimination and diversity at work issues
  • Worker’s skills in writing and communication (verbal and non-verbal)
  • Ability to manage conflict in the workplace
  • Financial and Operational Planning Issues
  • Contemporary Labor Law & Labor Relations in the modern economic environment
  • Employees’ and employers’ Practices & Techniques of Negotiation in the ongoing working environment and the meaning of Consultation
  • Social economy and innovative forms of entrepreneurship
  • Lifelong Learning and qualifications certification
  • Working environment and collective negotiations in the new socio-economic context
  • Social policy and social security issues
  • Economy and working life issues
  • Foreign language business Terminology
  • Intervention Techniques in business operation and crisis, and economic downturn management - The business operation in the Economic Crisis environment
  • English Language: Language Programs focused on the work field
  • Education in representation needs of the Public sector
  • Education to the public servants to develop and implement specific collaborative, by target group, IT and communication skills
  • Health and Safety at Work
  • Disaster response plans
  • Administration and Organization Skills

KANEP-GSEE represents the Greek General Confederation of Labour in the area of Education and Lifelong learning, promoting the agenda of trade unions which includes employment policies, policies for combating social exclusion, and reinforcement of trade union presence in society.

Check some of Interactive keywords video for KANEP-GSEE from HYPERTECH on Vimeo and YouTube.

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