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From the museum to the ancient city… Don’t miss a spot!

From the museum to the ancient city… Don’t miss a spot!

We are excited to share with you all that our app ‘Museum On The Go’ created for the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki in partnership with Arx.Net, is LIVE and FREE for ALL!!!! You can now download it on Android or iOS and experience the ultimate digital guide to the museum and the whole city in the most playful way. 
Through 250 artifacts and 400 charming stories, which users can enjoy in 12 different languages, the application takes us on a journey through time and unfolds the unseen side of ancient Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia.

A visit to the Museum

Inside the museum, the application offers visitors information about 150 exhibits, available in both text and audio format. A specially selected network of beacons recognizes the user's location and sends alerts about the nearest exhibits. The visitor is free to determine the course of the tour or, if he/she wishes, to follow the suggested tours by the museum. By registering the app and creating a personal account all users can also convert each artifact they discover into points that reflect a special gift from the museum

A walk in the city

However, the user's journey is not limited to the boundaries of the Archaeological Museum. When the user is outside, through the application he/she receives notifications about places of archaeological interest that are nearby. Specifically, 250 exhibits of the archaeological museum that are connected with more than 80 important archaeological sites have been digitally mapped and grouped geographically. All are accompanied with specially created texts that offer the users key information. 

The cooperation

‘Museum On The Go’ was created for the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki in collaboration with our partner Arx.Net. All parties ensured that the application covers both residents and visitors of the city, from Greece and abroad. Through the use of best design techniques and easy navigation practices, we made certain that the app seamlessly blends its archaeological and technological sides, giving users an effortless journey regardless of their age, background, and level of exposure to technology.

Download the app

You can now download the app at Google Play and Appstore or learn more

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