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Ever experienced ‘Museum On The Go’?

Ever experienced ‘Museum On The Go’?

In association with ARX.NET S.A., Hypertech S.A. has undertaken the project ‘Museum On The Go’ of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. The scope of the project is the development and promotion of a digital guide for smart iOS and Android devices (mobiles and tablets) that will be available through online stores (play store, app store, etc.).

A storytelling APP that revives our history

Being one of the richest countries and regions in the world in Archaeological artifacts, the goal of the project is to create an interactive network between the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and the broader area of Central Macedonia. Through the use of this storytelling APP, residents and visitors touring the area of Central Macedonia, will discover the exact location of excavation for 250 archaeological artifacts and get educated about their true nature. For 150 of them, they will have the pleasure to visit the museum and get to see these objects as part of the AMTH collections.

Understanding and combining the needs of a variety of users from various ethnicities, age groups, and backgrounds is a real challenge. But ‘Museum On The Go’ APP and the approach the association of the two companies have towards e-culture, makes it all possible. The project is all about creating an easy-to-use platform that is supported by many languages and offers audio choices to include people with disabilities, support diversity, and ultimately promote the Greek Cultural heritage outside and inside AMTH.

When technology makes all the difference

All users will experience the joy of discovery. The APP will be designed in such a way that all objects will be digitally presented with images, archaeological sites they were found at, descriptive text maps to locate them within the museum and outside of it. For gamification purposes, all artifacts around Central Macedonia will be locked and only users who will discover the ‘archaeological treasures’ will gain points to request their badges and gifts once they visit the AMTH.

Apart from the design which uses the latest best practices of UX and technological solutions, one of the most important parts of this project is its communication strategy. Although archaeology and museums, play a huge part in the cultural heritage, objectively it has started to grow interested again in the latest years. With the help of technological breakthroughs and a funner approach to promoting culture, museums around the world now attract more visitors and promote education more creatively.

To achieve such goals, communication plans are set in motion, calculating carefully all the stages this storytelling product will undergo and keeping the audience engaged and teased till its release. All messages from the APP itself to the promotional material are crafted carefully to build anticipation and excitement. The product and the messages will go through the part of testing and evaluation to ensure the scope of the project will be met by both stakeholders and the end-users. All the communication channels, both on and offline will be used to enrich the fame of the product inside and outside the Greek territory through the use of the appropriate media and tools.

The main objectives of ‘Museum On The Go’ are:

  • Promoting the cultural heritage of Northern Greece to its citizens and tourist
  • Encouraging people of all ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds to visit the AMTH and discover its artifacts and collections
  • Designing a seamless digital experience that involves history, technology, gamification, and reward systems
  • Communicating and advertising the project and the APP to the target audience with the right message that will attract them

Museum On The Go APP is already under development and soon it will be presented to the the public for further testing and improvements.

Till then, stay tuned!

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